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Stepping Stones Writing For Recovery Group

Stepping Stones Writing For Recovery Group
Gita Gupta (Stepping Stones Project Coordinator) or Tracey Roberts (Stepping Stones Worker)
Tel: 020 8515 7879 or 020 8515 7851 or email us for information.

The Writing For Recovery Group must be paid for using a personal budget. For more information, see below.

As part of its Stepping Stones programme, Mind in Harrow runs a Writing For Recovery Group. This group allows people experiencing mental health issues to explore wellbeing through writing and express themselves in a safe, creative space. It offers a fabulous choice of creative writing styles – including prose, poetry and playwriting – with an experienced tutor, as well as tailored support throughout. The group runs at the Rethink Bridge Centre in Wealdstone, every week on Fridays 11am-1pm. We also offer two free taster sessions where you can came along to the course to see if it's for you.

Group anthologies

Over the years, members of the Writing for Recovery Group have produced anthologies of their creative endeavours, including prose, poetry and playwriting. Two of these, "Life Will Be Different Now" (2015) and "Storms Will Come" (2013), are available to read online and download in PDF format by clicking the images below.


Personal budgets

The Writing For Recovery Group must be paid for with a personal budget, which is a sum of money given to people who are assessed as eligible based on their support needs. Personal budgets allow people to choose what kind of support they would like, meaning their mental health needs can be met in a more individualised way. To find out more and see examples of how people have used their personal budgets, check out Disability Rights UK's guide to personal budgets.

Being a personal budget-funded course affects how Writing for Recovery is run. It runs continuously for most of the year and, if you decide to buy a place on the course, you can join at any time and choose whether you would like to book in for six months or a full year. You will also be offered an individually tailored agreement for support while on the course.

You must be assessed as eligible for a personal budget; if you have not already done this, ask your social worker, care co-ordinator or key worker. If you do not have one of these, contact Gita on 020 8515 7879 or email

Professionals can use this form to refer people to our Personal Budget courses.

Find out more

If you would like some more information about Writing For Recovery or any of our other Stepping Stones courses, please call Gita or Tracey on 020 8515 7879 or 020 8515 7851 or email