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At Mind in Harrow we welcome all fundraising offers! You can organise your event or join an existing one.

Organising your own event

The possibilities are endless! Whet your appetite with these ideas for fundraising events for work, family and friends.

We can give you advice, promote your event on our website and provide collecting tins, lapel stickers, pin badges and blank posters. Sadly though, as our resources are limited we cannot sell tickets or help organise your event. We are also unable to underwrite the cost of your event and we do not support commission based fundraising.

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Joining an existing event

Both of us have always wanted to do a skydive but were too chicken! When we saw the advert, we decided that being able to raise money and awareness for such a good cause was just the 'push' we needed!

Jenny and Laura

You can make an exhilarating 10,000 feet freefall sponsored parachute jump! No experience is needed and you can jump for free if you raise the minimum sponsorship. Or you could do a 5k superhero run, bike from London to Brighton or walk the Great Wall of China. To join a ready-made fundraising challenge click here to book online.

We want to thank everyone at Mind in Harrow for giving us the opportunity to do the sky dive. We had an amazing time and were so pleased with the money we were able to raise.

Jenny and Laura

Get in touch

Call our fundraiser, Marilyn Norman on 0208 515 7860 (Mondays or Wednesdays) if you have any questions or email [email protected]. You can also find out more about Mind in Harrow and the difference your support could make.