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More information about how we can help

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More information about how we can help

If you are worried about attending your physical health check, please get in touch.

Do you need more explanation about the importance of physical health checks, and the health risks?

Do you need help to understand any medical terms that you are unsure about?

Are you unsure what you should be telling your GP?

Do you need help with making an appointment, with making sure the appointment is at a convenient time for you, or help with remembering the appointment?

Are you worried about any aspect of attending the appointment, including concerns about how you will get there, concerns about visiting the GP surgery and concerns about the appointment itself?

We would be happy to talk about any concerns you may have. Whatever it is that is worrying you, we will listen and help you to find the solution. And that may be by helping to put in place any reasonable adjustments which will help you to attend your appointment.

Please call Sue Falconer on 07940 003 342 (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) or email

If you are not ready to make contact yet, keep a note of our number. We will always be available to answer any questions that you may have.

Your health is precious and it is worth taking this first step to protecting it, for today and very importantly for the future.