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Leading Accountancy Firm Charterhouse choose Mind in Harrow

Local business Charterhouse has chosen Mind in Harrow as its charity of the year. This leading firm of accountants has pledged a minimum of £4000 through its charitable foundation to support our work – including our Mental Health Helpline helping thousands of local people every year.

“As a company we take a great interest in the health and wellbeing of our team. And with the pandemic impacting Harrow more than almost any part of London – especially the mental health of local people, we felt the time was right to support our local community in this way.”  David White, MD

Charterhouse has a long established tradition of reaching out into the community – and will support its team of 30 to help Mind in Harrow through fundraising and volunteering. They will also promote our work to their many business clients and contacts – so we can reach even more local people to make Harrow the best place to take care of and talk about mental health.

So welcome Charterhouse – and thank you for choosing Mind in Harrow as your charity of the year! Visit their website

Check out what they’re up to on social media:

Facebook: @charterhouseaccountantslimited

Twitter: @CharterhouseAcc

Instagram: @charterhouseaccountants

LinkedIn: Charterhouse (Accountants) Limited