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Mind in Harrow's EKTA Group

Mind in Harrow’s EKTA Group

Public statement February 2020 – Mind in Harrow’s EKTA Group

Mind in Harrow provides activities to support our local South Asian Community through our EKTA project.  We have no connection with EKTA in HARROW, which is a group recently set up independent of Mind in Harrow and running at the same venue the Harrow Baptist Church on College Road, central Harrow.  For any enquiries about Mind in Harrow’s EKTA Group, please contact our Service Manager, Sona Barbosa via telephone 020 8515 7877 or email s.barbosa@mindinharrow.org.uk

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Currently, during the coronavirus outbreak, our services and activities are running remotely.  We will begin to offer face-to-face activities again when we can undertake these safely.