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Victory for PIP claimants!

Since DLA was replaced by PIP (Personal Independance Payment) in 2016, those that were previously claiming DLA were invited to be assessed for PIP. 

For many people with mental health problems, these changes meant that they were no longer entitled to the same amount of financial support they had received previously. 

This was due to the changes made to the assessment process for PIP favouring those with a physical disability over a mental health difficulty. 

In order to receive the higher rate of PIP, claimants would need to score 12 points on the mobility section of the assessment. 

For certain questions on the assessment, the scoring system only allowed for a maximum of 10 points to be awarded for those in psychological distress.

This assessment process was challenged legally by campaigners via the High Court and was found to be 'blatantly discriminatory' for those with mental health problems.

It was expected that the government would appeal this ruling, but they have chosen not to dispute it.

This is fantastic news for those claiming PIP in Harrow and all over the country.

This means that the favouritism in the scoring system no longer applies and those suffering with psychological distress will be treated with equal parity and those with physical health needs.

If you have been refused PIP since December 2016, there is a possibility that you could now be entitled. 

The Government has stated that it will write to all those whose PIP claim was affected by the assessment process to backdate their claim.

If you require further information regarding PIP or support to make a claim, you can call our SWiSH Information Helpline on 0208 426 0929. 

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