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Please help! Mind in Harrow CEO to be locked up!

Mark Gillham, CEO of Mind in Harrow, is to be locked up for working criminally long hours for the charity for 10 years!! 

He needs to raise 1,000 bail money to be released from Pinner Police Station on Friday 26 April.  PLEASE DONATE NOW by clicking here.

To find out more about Mind in Harrow's services and the difference we make to thousands of people every year, have a look here

You will be supporting an award-winning charity that helps thousands of people every year, who are suffering with mental health problems and have lost everything we value in life (eg friends, job, confidence, self-worth).  For example, 1,000 will help keep our Telephone Helpline running for the coming year offering immediate support to hundreds of people in urgent need.

We rely on your generosity you to keep our services running! Thank you.