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Helping Our People Engage

What is the aim of HOPE?

The Helping Our People Engage (HOPE) programme aims to provide an opportunity for Mind in Harrow Service Users to engage and have a say in how Mind in Harrow is run. This is achieved by providing support and creating opportunities for Service Users to get involved in various areas of service delivery.

Why do we need HOPE?

 Service User involvement benefits both Mind in Harrow service delivery, those who get involved and those who access our services.  Mind in Harrow gains from the experience and expertise of Service Users, while Service Users can benefit from the opportunity of getting involved and making valued contributions to Mind in Harrow’s work and future development.

What could you do as part of HOPE?

There are six areas where you can get involved:

  1. Attend meetings

Mind in Harrow hold regular meetings on various topics, e.g. service development. Having service users present at these meetings can help to ensure that their voices are heard and this can influence decisions about Mind in Harrow’s activities and service delivery.

  1. Promote Mind in Harrow

This is a wide area of involvement with lots of different aspects. This include developing social media campaigns, helping to design publicity, assisting at promotional events – on a stall, delivering materials to other organisations, or anything else that brings attention to Mind in Harrow’s work.

  1. Revise policies

Mind in Harrow has a number of policies which ensures the organisation works in a safe way. These policies are reviewed regularly to ensure they are up to date and in compliance with current legislation. Having service users involved in reviewing policies help ensure they represent the best interests of service users and ensures that the view their views and experience are reflected in the policies and procedures that direct the running of the service.

  1. Recruit new staff members, volunteers and trustees

This role is directly involved in recruitment process for new Mind in Harrow staff members, trustees and volunteers.  This will include reviewing application forms, selecting candidates for interview, being on the interview panel as well as having a say in the final selection process.

  1. Deliver Training

This role involves delivering or co-delivering training sessions to service users or staff members. In order to take on this role you will have to have some prior experience – for example, following one of Mind in Harrow’s training courses (Head for Work, Mindkit, HeadsUp) or working or volunteering in a training capacity.

  1. Join our Board of Trustees

Mind in Harrow’s Board of Trustees govern the charity and direct how it is managed and run. They work closely with the senior management team to ensure that Mind in Harrow’s policies and procedures are upheld, meeting eight times a year.

What are the benefits of HOPE?

  • Help Mind in Harrow be more Service User-led so we can respond to people’s needs more effectively
  • Have your say and make a difference in the development of the service
  • Gain training, transferrable skills and experience
  • Become more confident and meet new people

How can you get involved in HOPE?

The main criteria for being part of HOPE is that you are a current Mind in Harrow Service User. We will provide full training, but some positions may require previous experience. We will also cover reasonable travel expenses.

How do I find out more?

If you would like more information please contact Deniz or Sona on: email info@mindinharrow.org.uk

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