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BME communities & mental health

Harrow’s population is diverse with over 60% of the Borough being from Black Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities.

“If you are perceived to be mentally unwell, you are labelled ‘crazy’ and of no value for society, therefore ostracised, usually both by family and community”- Abdi, Somali Advocate

Mind in Harrow is committed to improving access for BAME communities to mental health support, either through our own services or campaigning and working with others.  We welcome and encourage people from BAME communities to join our services.

Harrow is one of the most religiously diverse areas of the country with significant refugee populations from Somalia, Sri Lankan, Afghanistan, Iran and migrants from some Eastern European countries.

Black and Asian people

are at higher risk of attempting to take their own lives

People from BME

backgrounds have a higher prevalence of psychosis


of Children & Young People on youth justice are from BAME backgrounds and have a diagnosed mental health problem

BME people

are 7 times more likely to experience psychosis

Detention rates

under the Mental Health Act are four times higher for people from BAME

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Currently, during the coronavirus outbreak, our services and activities are running remotely.  We will begin to offer face-to-face activities again when we can undertake these safely.