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EKTA South Asian Group

This Group is for members of South Asian community and runs monthly on Fridays at the Harrow Baptist Church, Central Harrow.

Public statement February 2020 – Mind in Harrow’s EKTA Group

Mind in Harrow provides activities to support our local South Asian community through our EKTA project. We have no connection with EKTA in HARROW, which is a group recently set up independent of Mind in Harrow and running at the same venue the Harrow Baptist Church on College Road, Central Harrow.

For any enquiries about Mind in Harrow’s EKTA Group, please contact our Service Manager, Sona Barbosa via telephone 020 8515 7877 or email s.barbosa@mindinharrow.org.uk.

The EKTA Group’s activities have been on hold during 2019 to review how the group is running in the future and will be restarting activities around May 2020.

What is the EKTA Group?

EKTA is a support group for South Asian community members living in Harrow who are experiencing mental distress.

EKTA’s monthly activities respond to the culturally specific mental health needs of the South Asian community – for example, the significant amount of stigma and discrimination faced by members.  As a result of this stigma, social isolation and loneliness is a significant barrier to recovery.

EKTA has addressed this barrier by providing members with a ‘safe space’ to talk about their experiences as well as the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, health information sessions such as celebrating festivals, exploring wellbeing and discussing ‘recovery’. These sessions are accessible to South Asian community members respecting of members’ language, religious and cultural needs.

What activities does EKTA run?

The EKTA Group is FREE and runs one Friday per month at 11am at Harrow Baptist Church on College Road in central Harrow. It starts off with activities, followed by a vegetarian lunch and then activities. These may include talks and workshops on relevant information by experts in their fields, skill development, wellbeing sessions, entertainment, festival celebrations etc.

The design and delivery of EKTA’s monthly activities is the result of the contributions of its members, all of whom either have their own direct experience of mental ill health.

How can I join EKTA or find out more?

Membership of EKTA is open to any member of South Asian community in Harrow experiencing mental health issues.

If you would like to apply to become an EKTA member, or if you’d like some more information, please contact Sona s.barbosa@mindinharrow.org.uk or telephone 020 8515 7877.


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Currently, during the coronavirus outbreak, our services and activities are running remotely.  We will begin to offer face-to-face activities again when we can undertake these safely.