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Side by Side

Befriending support for your wellbeing

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Our Wellbeing support befriending project Side By Side is re-launching in January 2021 and will run until mid- May 2021.

Side by Side is time limited remote support to those who feel their wellbeing is negatively affected by the Covid pandemic.

Side by Side is wellbeing focused, helping clients to do things to improve their own wellbeing.  We discuss what we can do to promote our own wellbeing, based on the 5 ways to wellbeing (Be active, Give, Connect, Take notice, Keep Learning).

Users have access to a free weekly 1 hour wellbeing drop-in session on Zoom as well as scheduled Zoom groups to interact with others and reflect on wellbeing issues.

Users also join a moderated WhatsApp group and can engage with other members.

Through the WhatsApp group, users also receive a daily wellbeing tip and can respond and interact.

Although most clients will be offered group support, we do have a small number of places for people who either don’t use or have access to technology and they can be considered for one to one telephone wellbeing calls to suit their needs and situation.

Potential service users or referrers can complete a referral form and once this is returned to us, we will call to book an initial assessment.


Contact the team to find out more:

Jenny 07951 363 824

Meg 07702 803 130

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Currently, during the coronavirus outbreak, our services and activities are running remotely.  We will begin to offer face-to-face activities again when we can undertake these safely.