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Our promise to fundraisers and donors

We are Mind in Harrow.  We only exist because of the amazing support of people like you. We want you to know that we really value your support, whether that’s through fundraising on our behalf, making a donation, taking part in an event or leaving a gift in your will.  We are committed to treating you with respect and openness, so this is our promise to you:

Why fundraising matters to us

1. Fundraising is really important to us. Without it we would not exist. We are proud of what it helps us to achieve.  We will present our fundraising needs with integrity, clarity and dignity on behalf of those for whom we are seeking your help – so you can make informed decisions about how you support our work and understand how your money will be spent . 

Our commitment to you

2.  We hope you’ll want to hear more about our work.  We’ll always be clear about how we'll communicate with you, respect your right to privacy and adhere to laws around the use of data.  If you tell us you’d rather not be contacted, or you’d rather we didn’t contact you in a certain way, we’ll act on your wishes.  You can change your mind about what you receive from us at any time.  Just call Marilyn on 0208 515 7860 or email [email protected].  

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Our Policies

3. We will do our best to look after you.  We will be clear about the fundraising support and resources we can provide you with.  We ask young fundraisers under the age of 16 to seek parental or teacher’s consent before fundraising and provide appropriate support to adults in vulnerable circumstances who want to fundraise for our work. 

We have in place the following policies, which are reviewed every three years:  Fundraising Code of Practice; Ethical Fundraising Policy; Fundraising With People in Vulnerable Circumstances.

How to give us feedback

4. You can contact us with feedback or make a complaint if you are unhappy with anything we have done while communicating with you.  We will respond honestly and promptly. 

Read our Complaints Policy and Procedure

Thank you for supporting our work