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Contribute to research about inequality and mental health

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Use photography and creativity to share and talk about fairness, inequality, and what you feel is important for your mental health

People experience structural and systemic inequalities and we know that these inequalities impact public mental health. A growing number of projects and research studies are addressing this but one of the knowledge gaps that remains is understanding how people experience such inequalities and how these affect their mental health – from their perspectives, in their own words.

The McPin Foundation is carrying out this research with NIHR and explains:
In this project, we aim to use peer research methods to enhance our understanding of the complex factors that impact on public mental health by taking a narrative approach and working with groups often viewed as ‘marginalised communities’ in at least two locations over a 12-month period; one case study will work in Lambeth and one will work in Harrow. At each site, we will work with local community organisations to help us promote the study. We will recruit 20 participants per site (diverse in terms of age, (dis)ability, ethnicity, gender expression, sexuality, etc.) and explore their experiences of inequality using a two-part data collection approach. 

We will ask participants to express themselves using photography to produce images for us that represent mental health and inequality. They will be provided with the materials and guidance to do this, so that they feel comfortable producing a series of photos that will be used in the second phase of the data collection process. This method is called Photo-Voice; it uses photography to break language barriers and provides simple, visual realities for people to see. Photo-Voice gives those who often remain ignored, overlooked, or unheard, a platform to get their message across.  

Peer researchers from the McPin team will employ semi-structured interviews to explore themes of inequalities / unfairness as identified by the participants themselves within the photos. They will then look at how these themes interact with mental health. All 40 participants will be invited to keep in touch with the team, to stay involved in the analysis phase of the project (wherein our team of peer researchers will thematically analyse interview transcripts), and to join workshops where findings will be presented for discussion and synthesis. The aim of the Photo-Voice is to empower members of the researched community and to drive change. We hope to disseminate the findings in a manner that facilitates this.

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You will receive a £100 gift voucher for your time and contribution.

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