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Frequently asked questions

Answering your questions about our training programmes.

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How long are the courses?

We recommend a full day workshop for all our in-person courses, but also accommodate half-day sessions, depending on your requirements. If you prefer a taster or bite-size session lasting from an hour to an hour and a half, please let us know.  For online sessions we recommend a maximum of 3 hours per session.

Are the courses delivered in-person or online?

Currently all our courses are delivered online.  We also have specific courses developed for support during COVID-19.

Our courses are delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, therefore they require an internet connection plus a tablet or laptop.  We send participants links to our training as well as joining instructions.  When using Microsoft Teams, we are also happy to be invited to Teams meetings from the booking organisation.

Who shall I send on the training?

We deliver training to all sectors and a variety of teams. It is suitable for Human Resources Teams, Line Managers, Team Managers and all employees. You decide who is on your course and how you want to mix up people from different levels and departments.

Where and when do the courses take place?

You choose the date and location for training – currently all our training courses are delivered online.

For in-person training, we come to you and provide the trainers, administrative support and all course materials. All we need is an appropriate room to accommodate the session, a projector (if available), a flip chart with pens or a white board.

How many people can I book on a session?

We recommend 12-15 people per session, but we are also flexible and happy to discuss your requirements.

How do you measure the effectiveness of the training?

We carry out pre- and post-evaluation monitoring and deliver an evaluation report to you after the training. This gives our clients insight into the difference the training makes. We consistently see a significant increase in knowledge and confidence. Please get in touch and we can send you a sample evaluation report so you can see what it looks like.

How much does the training cost?

We have a sliding scale of fees depending on the duration, number of delegates and company sector. We provide each client with a proposal, please do get in touch with us to find out how much your course will be.  As a charity our prices are very competitive and we provide discounts for the public and voluntary sectors.  Any profits we make from training, go towards supporting the key services we provide.  If you are interested to know what these services are, please do get in touch.

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