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How to become a Mental Health Champion

You don’t need to be an expert to talk about mental health. The most important skill for a Mental Health Champion is listening and being able to do so non-judgementally.

An image showing a woman holding up a sign with writing on it that reads @Mental Health Champions'. In the background are 4 colleagues with cups, smiling

About the course

This course focuses on building Mental Health Champions in your workplace. They are reminders of an organisation’s commitment to wellbeing and together they help shape a more empathetic workforce as they promote greater understanding of the needs and feelings of others.

Benefits of the workshop

  • Improve understanding and awareness of the role and skills of Mental Health Champions
  • Be more confident to start mental health conversations at work
  • Gain knowledge of signposting and support options
  • Become aware of opportunities and solutions for wellbeing activities
  • Reflect on the importance of self-care in the role of Mental Health Champion

What’s in the workshop?

  • What does it mean to be a Mental Health Champion?
  • What are the key skills of champions?
  • How to start conversations about wellbeing
  • Where to signpost someone
  • How to organise activities to promote wellbeing
  • Why is it important to fight mental health stigma?
  • The self-care of Mental Health Champions

Training Delivery

Training is delivered interactively with practical exercises, participation from delegates and opportunity for questions and discussion.  As Mind in Harrow we are a specialist provider which ensures that knowledge provided is well-evidenced and relevant.

This workshop is developed to run for 3,5 hours with suitable breaks.  It is delivered via Zoom or Teams  at a time that suits your team.  We can also tailor the content and duration to fit your training requirements.


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