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WinterSavvy: survival tips for winter wellness

Winter affects our wellbeing:  our mood, our thoughts and our feelings.  How can we become more WinterSavvy and prioritise our own emotional wellbeing?


Two candles and a blanket depicting the cosiness of winter

About the workshop

In this energetic and motivational session we look at how winter affect us all and what we can do to look after ourselves and pro-actively prioritise our wellbeing.

Benefits of the workshop

  • Recognise how winter affects our minds and bodies
  • Learn from the experts:  survival tips
  • Change the way we think (and talk) about winter
  • Identify actions for your Winter Wellness Action Plans

What’s in the workshop?

  • What happens to our bodies and minds in winter?
  • Survival tips from the experts – learning from the best
  • Tapping into our thoughts and why that matters
  • Identify and celebrate our positive winter habits
  • Prepare your survival kit:  identify your wellness actions

Training Delivery

Training is delivered interactively with practical exercises, participation from delegates and opportunity for questions and discussion.  As Mind in Harrow we are a specialist provider which ensures that knowledge provided is well-evidenced and relevant.

This workshop is developed to run for 2 hours with suitable breaks.  It is delivered via Zoom or Teams  at a time that suits your team.  We can also tailor the content and duration to fit your training requirements.