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Why raise funds?

Thanks to Mind I gained confidence to go back to work and have recently been promoted. Without Mind I would have lost all confidence.

Mental health problems will affect one in four of us at some time in our life, be it depression, panic attacks or a diagnosis such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Every year, Mind in Harrow helps over 1000 local residents who experience poor mental health. When most people come to us they are socially isolated, long term unemployed, with fewer educational achievements and lack self-worth and confidence. We help people recover and rebuild their lives by providing opportunities to make social contact, develop confidence and self-esteem, gain skills & qualifications and access other appropriate services – so mental health does not define who they are or limit what they do.

Our services include Harrow’s only mental health helpline, counselling and employment support. To help service users overcome isolation and develop confidence and skills we provide educational and leisure courses in mainstream venues such as our Starbucks based café crafts course. We also run an accredited training programme so service users become paid mental health awareness trainers to local employers.

Why we need your support

Experiencing poor mental health is hard for many people to understand, as most people with mental health problems look well on the outside and as a result often do not get the support they need. Sadly there is also still stigma associated with mental health. With the current recession and funding cuts, the call upon our services is greater than ever.

How your donation can help

  • £180 can pay for an outing for 12 people, reducing their isolation and increasing their confidence and enjoyment of life. For many, it is their first human contact for days
  • £360 can fund two social activities – providing respite for over 30 people
  • £1000 can help support our helpline for 10 days

We are run by a professional staff team, incredibly dedicated volunteers and an effective Board of voluntary trustees. We have prudent financial practices and promise to use your money wisely wherever the need is greatest.

What service users say

“I gained straight A’s in my NVQ design course and I’m so proud.”

Through our support, many people hospitalised for mental health problems have been able to take up college courses perhaps for the first time in their lives, and have gained a positive identity as a student rather than that of a mentally ill person.

“Befriending is really helping me. I am getting on OK at the moment, going out more and basically on top of things.”

One of our trained befrienders visits regularly, offering support and ongoing friendship. For some clients, it may be the only close relationship they have.

“Mind helped me through a bad time and I don’t know if I would have been here without it.”

For many, we are the last port of call. They have hidden their mental illness from their family and friends and become increasingly isolated. With our support, clients begin their personal road to mental health recovery.