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Volunteer your time and skills and be rewarded for it!

Mind in Harrow is currently recruiting volunteers to be part of Harrow Communities Click, a new timebanking initiative. Timebanking involves local people helping each other and receiving time credits in return, which can be used to “buy” other people’s services.

You must be able to commit to working within the Mind in Harrow framework for approximately half a day per week for a year. You will receive time credits in return for your volunteering.

Training will take place over three days:

11th and 25th March and 1st April 2015.

Please contact Margaret Madden at 020 8426 0929 or for more information on how to apply.

Communities Click Volunteer Training flier

Mastering your Mental Health & Wellbeing Masterclass

Mind in Harrow would like to welcome you to our Mastering your Mental Health & Wellbeing Masterclass on Wednesday the 15th of April 2015.

This event has been organised to give you a unique insight into "The Artistry of Work Life Balancing". Not 1 but 3 high impact seminars have been scheduled for you to sample. Our exceptional trainers provide organisations & individuals with valuable information from the unique perspective of individuals who have experienced it.

Agenda of enlightenment:

9:00 – Registration

10:00 – Mental Wellbeing & Mindfulness Mastering

11:15 – The Nutritional Connection to Mental Wellbeing

12:30 – Work Based Wellbeing

13:00 – Refreshments & Networking

You can register for tickets via Eventbrite and view the flyer for the event here.

If you are an employer who wants to retain and make the most of your staff, it helps to know that:

"93% of participants felt they gained increased knowledge and understanding about mental health exceeding our target of 90%"

"87% felt better equipped to employ or work with a person with mental health problems, exceeding our target of 75%"

Did you know?

70 million working days are lost every year owing to Mental Ill Health, of which 10 million are caused bywork related problems. 

Depression, Stress and Anxiety related illness are becoming more prevalent in the workplace so the more you know the better acquainted you'll be to help yourself.

Hosting a Table for Networking

If you are interested in hosting a table in our networking room please contact:

Mind in Harrow

Nathifa Douet

E -

T - 020 8426 0929