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Warm Hubs currently open in Harrow

With many people struggling to heat their homes over winter and the weather getting colder, SWiSH has tried to find all of the organizations opening

Soaring for Mental Health: Arzaq and Ciaran’s Skydiving Triumph!

Arzaq and Ciaran courageously took to the skies, aiming high to support Mind in Harrow's mental health services, and their dedication paid off with an

Navigating Stress: A Guide for Stress Awareness Month

At Mind in Harrow, we understand stress's profound impact on mental health. As we embark on this month-long journey of awareness and support, let's explore

Prioritise Mental Health in the London Mayoral Election

Why It Matters: London is facing a myriad of challenges, and the mental well-being of its residents is paramount. The strain of modern living, exacerbated

Nurturing Mental Well-being During Ramadan

Observing Ramadan can be spiritually enriching, but it can also be demanding, both physically and emotionally. At Mind in Harrow, we understand the significance of

Mind in Harrow supports the LGBTQ+ community

Standing Together: Support for the LGBTQ+ Community in Harrow

Our hearts go out to the victim and their loved ones during this difficult time. We understand that events like these can create fear and

Stepping Stones – A Celebration of Art and Community

Held at Cafe OneForty in Harrow, the exhibition spanned four days, drawing art enthusiasts and community members alike. The event provided a platform to celebrate

Celebrating Success: The Harrow Discretionary Freedom Pass Outcome!

At Mind in Harrow, we've been tirelessly campaigning for the preservation of this essential lifeline for our residents, and today, we celebrate a significant victory.

Harrow Council’s Plans to Revamp Harrow Community-Based Mental Health Services: Have Your Say!

Harrow Council are looking to redesign Harrow’s community-based mental health services. Harrow Council are working in Partnership with Mind in Harrow to gather feedback from

Celebrating Diwali and Generosity:

Hey Mind in Harrow community, Hope your weekend was as wonderful as ours! 🌟 We've got some fantastic news to share. On Sunday the 19th