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We are recruiting for Volunteers for our SWiSH Information Helpline!

Mind in Harrow is currently recruiting for Volunteers to work on our Mental Health Information Helpline. We are looking for volunteers who are good at

Mind in Harrow Chief Executive interview with Radio Harrow for World Mental Health Day

    Mind in Harrow's Chief Executive Mark Gillham was interviewed on Radio Harrow abouting promoting better mental health within our local community. He discusses

Black Lives Matter statement of solidarity

Mind in Harrow Trustees believe that black lives and black voices matter. Racism is abhorrent and as Trustees we strive to ensure everyone in our

Image for website 10 Sep 2020

How Belly Breathing can help your emotional wellbeing

We are born with the knowledge on how to breathe deeply.  Just watch a baby sleep and there is your evidence.  Sometimes, as time goes

Mindline TRANS+ image for news story 27 Aug 2020

Help Mindline TRANS+ expand to 3 evenings a week

  MindLine TRANS+ is a confidential emotional mental health support helpline for people who identify as Transgender, Agender, Gender Fluid, Non-binary…  They also support  family

Stepping Stones News story about autumn courses with a reminder to save the date of 1/9/2020

Tuesday 1st September 2020, Stepping Stones courses enrolment online

  Take this great opportunity to join the next set of our Stepping Stones courses, FREE and ONLINE delivered via Zoom video calling.  These Stepping

Image for the vacancy of Campaigns and Engagement Co-ordinator Aug 2020

We are recruiting for a Mental Health Campaigns & Engagement Coordinator

Do you enjoy empowering other to lead projects, building their confidence and skills?  This is the job for you! Mind in Harrow is an award-winning

Free resources to start your mental health conversation

Taking care of our mental health is not always easy. We might be worried or anxious and not always sure what we can do or

Mind in Harrow’s response to Black Lives Matter

We at Mind in Harrow stand in solidarity with all those across the globe who are saddened, in mourning and were horrified by the murder

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Currently, during the coronavirus outbreak, our services and activities are running remotely.  We will begin to offer face-to-face activities again when we can undertake these safely.