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Mind in Harrow supports the LGBTQ+ community

Standing Together: Support for the LGBTQ+ Community in Harrow

Our hearts go out to the victim and their loved ones during this difficult time. We understand that events like these can create fear and

Celebrating Success: The Harrow Discretionary Freedom Pass Outcome!

At Mind in Harrow, we've been tirelessly campaigning for the preservation of this essential lifeline for our residents, and today, we celebrate a significant victory.

Harrow Council’s Plans to Revamp Harrow Community-Based Mental Health Services: Have Your Say!

Harrow Council are looking to redesign Harrow’s community-based mental health services. Harrow Council are working in Partnership with Mind in Harrow to gather feedback from

Celebrating Diwali and Generosity:

Hey Mind in Harrow community, Hope your weekend was as wonderful as ours! 🌟 We've got some fantastic news to share. On Sunday the 19th

Why Language Matters in Mental Health Discussions

Language plays a crucial role in mental health discussions. It can either perpetuate harmful stereotypes or reduce stigma and promote positive change. The words we

World Mental Health Day 2023

A Fundamental Right Imagine a world where every individual, regardless of their background, has the right to good mental health. No matter where you live,

Harrow-based Accountants, Charterhouse raise incredible £8500

Skydiving, volunteering in our charity shop and philanthropic donations have underpinned Harrow-based Accountants, Charterhouse raising an incredible £8,500 for Mind in Harrow over the last

Stuck in the mud for Mind in Harrow

We would like to thank Tarun Wagjiani, Cameron and Amar for completing a Tough Mudder Challenge for Mind in Harrow. While the challenge had its

Time To Talk Day 2nd February 2023

Why is Time to Talk Day so important? There are so many reasons why Time to Talk Day is vital. Here are just a few: