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Our quality & awards

Mind in Harrow is dedicated to providing exceptional mental health support services to our community. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our award and accolade, recognizing our unwavering dedication to promoting mental wellness and supporting individuals in need.

The Mind Quality Mark (MQM) is Mind’s quality assurance framework and standards, which have been developed from best practice guidance and regarding other quality systems. Mind in Harrow was awarded the Mind Quality Mark (MQM) in 2023.

Every three years, all Local Minds are required to:

  • Complete a self-assessment toolkit for evaluating achievements and areas for improvement across 24 quality standards areas and 150 quality indicators.
  • Develop a plan of continuous quality improvements following the self-assessment.
  • Undergo an external quality review by the Mind Quality Panel every 3 years, which includes a Mind quality consultant, mental health service user and senior staff from another local Mind.
  • Refresh our annual self-assessment and improvement plan annually.

We are pleased to report that we awarded a full pass of the quality assurance process without any significant areas of improvement. The assessor report says “Mind in Harrow is a well-established and thoroughly locally embedded organisation supporting the people of the Harrow area… it is well placed to make a significant difference in people’s lives.”