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We all have the right to live in safety. Safeguarding is the protection of adults and children from abuse and neglect, which may be from a friend, family member, professional or stranger, or self harm.

If we are concerned about an adult or a child, we have a legal duty to report our concerns to the right people such as the local authority, emergency services, GPs or mental health teams.

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Safeguarding at Mind in Harrow

Keeping you safe from all forms of abuse is our priority. Mind in Harrow provides a professional, qualified approach to safeguarding for all service users and works in partnership with statutory organisations to protect you from abuse.

Our staff and volunteers are trained in how to recognise, report and support service users who may disclose that abuse is taking place.

If you would like to see our safeguarding policies or talk to us about our procedures, email

If you have a safeguarding concern, please contact our Safeguarding Lead, Sabrina Solomon our Head of Services directly at or call  020 8426 0929

Harrow Council Safeguarding

Adult Safeguarding in Harrow is overseen by the Harrow Safeguarding Adults Board.
Tel: 020 8420 9453

Out of Hours (weekends and 5pm-9am on weekdays):
Contact the Emergency duty social worker on 020 8424 0999

Children and Young People’s Safeguarding in Harrow is overseen by the Harrow Safeguarding Children’s Board (HSCB).
If you have any queries or would like to submit a concern to HSCB you can call:
Golden Number (24/7): 020 8901 2690

Find out more

Safeguarding Training is available for professionals in Harrow via:

Find out more about
Safeguarding best practice: Social Care Institute of Excellence.
Self-harm: What is self-harm?