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Bridging Cultures

Bridging Cultures: Wellbeing Partnerships with Faith Communities
funded by the Tudor Trust
 CONTACT: Emily Danby, Project Coordinator
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What we do

Bridging Cultures works with Harrow’s Muslim and Hindu communities to improve access to mental health services, tackle mental health stigma and increase cultural understanding among local health professionals.

Read more about our work in this article from the Autumn 2016 edition of Mind magazine.

Why we do it

Faith is an important source of support and comfort for many people especially when things are tough. 

By increasing mental health awareness among faith communities, Harrow residents can better understand the symptoms, causes and treatments for those experiencing mental health issues, as well as the full range of options for support: medical, therapeutic and spiritual.

Faith groups are also uniquely placed to support members of the community who find it difficult to access mainstream services because of language or cultural barriers. Bridging Cultures works to give these communities the knowledge and support they need to make sure everyone gets appropriate help for their mental wellbeing. 

Raise awareness in your community

Events & Workshops 

We work with places of worship and faith-linked organisations to:

  • Run events and workshops on topics connected to emotional wellbeing
  • Provide community activities that support wellbeing.  We can provide financial and organisational support for activities such as yoga, art or drama

Wellbeing Activities

We also run activities in partnership with faith groups to promote emotional wellbeing within their community. We can provide financial and organisational support for activities such as yoga, art or drama.

Community Champions

It’s thanks to our volunteer champions from within Muslim and Hindu communities that we’re able to build strong relationships with Harrow’s faith groups. Community champions might be community leaders, individuals with experience of the mental health system or simply those wishing to give back to their community. 

We provide training and support to all of our champions on mental health and community engagement. 

Working with Professionals

Bridging Cultures works with health professionals to raise awareness around the cultural differences and language barriers that can prevent people from accessing mental health support. 

Useful resources on mental health, faith and culture

Directory of organisations supporting faith communities

Mind in Harrow’s mental health directory provides information on wellbeing support services found within faith organisations and places of worship in Harrow. There is also a section on the directory called "People Like Us" that gives information specific to faith and ethnic minority communities.

Mind in Harrow has also produced a factsheet on religion and spirituality and how they relate to mental health.

Personal Testimonies

Aldrick Monteiro is a volunteer for Bridging Cultures. He has kindly shared his experiences of mental health recovery between 1982 and 2005.

In a series of four inspiring stories (downloadable below) entitled ‘Is There Anyone Out There?’, he describes how his religious faith together with help from mental health services and his family have enabled him to cope with the impact of mental health problems and find hope in the present and for the future.   

Anyone Out There (Part 1)
Anyone Out There (Part 2)
Anyone Out There (Part 3)
Anyone Out There (Part 4)

Get in touch!

If you’d like to know more about any of our activities, are interested in running an event in your community or becoming a community champion give us a call:

Emily Danby, Bridging Cultures Coordinator
Tel: 020 8426 0929
Email: [email protected]