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Harrow Council’s Plans to Revamp Harrow Community-Based Mental Health Services: Have Your Say!

The new model of community-based mental health services aims to provide better support and care for people living in Harrow who may be experiencing mental health difficulties.

Harrow Council are looking to redesign Harrow’s community-based mental health services. Harrow Council are working in Partnership with Mind in Harrow to gather feedback from local residents about how the new model should be delivered. You can have your say here.

The partnership between Harrow Council and Mind in Harrow is a great initiative to gather feedback from local residents and ensure that the new model is tailored to meet the community’s needs. If you or someone you know would like to share your thoughts and feedback, please do so through the link provided. Your contribution can make a big difference in shaping the future of mental health services in your area.


The following dates for the community mental health service redesign community engagement events are as follows:


If  you are interested please contact us at