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Mental Health Engagement Report – Survey Findings 

Mind in Harrow, in partnership with Harrow Council, sought residents’ feedback on their experiences with local community-based mental health services.

Mind in Harrow worked in partnership with Harrow Council to seek residents’ views about their experiences of using local community-based mental health services commissioned by the local authority during times of mental distress and throughout their recovery. We aim to enhance the quality and accessibility of mental health support in Harrow.

We asked people to complete a survey to share their experiences with these community-based mental health services. The feedback collected will help inform the redesign of Harrow’s new community-based mental health services. This initiative aims to create more effective, responsive, and user-friendly mental health services for residents of Harrow.

By understanding the real-life experiences of those who have used these services, we can better address their needs and improve mental health care in Harrow. The insights gathered from this survey are crucial for developing a more supportive and inclusive mental health service network.

The survey results have been analysed and are included in this report.