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Prioritise Mental Health in the London Mayoral Election

On May 2, 2024, Londoners will vote to elect the next Mayor of London. In the lead-up to this significant event, Mind in Harrow, in collaboration with Mind Charity, spearheads a campaign to prioritise mental health in the city we cherish.

Why It Matters:

London is facing a myriad of challenges, and the mental well-being of its residents is paramount. The strain of modern living, exacerbated by factors such as the cost of living crisis and disparities in health care access, underscores the urgency for action. As a vital part of the community, we witness firsthand the repercussions of neglecting mental health services amidst budget cuts and increasing demands.

Our Call to Action:

We are urging the candidates vying for the position of London Mayor to commit to enhancing mental health services and support across the city. To achieve this, we have outlined five key priorities in our manifesto:

  1. Support for Those Affected by the Cost of Living Crisis and Poverty
  2. Addressing Health Inequalities Related to Race and Ethnicity
  3. Protecting and Enhancing the Mental Well-being of London’s Youth
  4. Enhanced Access to Community Services
  5. Facilitating Access to Stable, Quality Housing


How You Can Help:

We invite you to join us by signing our open letter to the mayoral candidates, urging them to prioritize mental health. Your support is crucial in amplifying our message and ensuring that mental health remains a top priority for London’s future leadership.

Sign the Open Letter: Sign Here!

Spread the Word:

Share our campaign on social media using the hashtags #NoLondonMindLeftBehind and #MindInHarrow to raise awareness and encourage others to join our cause.