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Nala's story

Hayaan service user

Back in the community I started helping other women through Hayaan, and became a Women Champion

I had been feeling unwell in 2010, stressed, unhappy and not really understanding what was wrong with me. I had hallucinations and was hearing voices. I felt unable to cope with life and take care of my children. My family and my community could not understand me, were not supporting me and have walked way. I finally asked Abdi (Hayaan) for help. He accompanied me to Northwick Park Hospital A&E and I was admitted for 3 weeks and put on medication. I slept well, became more coherent and finally recovered. Back in the community I started helping other with women, through Hayaan and became a Women Champion – I met women who shared medication with me because they felt ashamed and did not want to tell their families and ask for help, due to the stigma attached, especially to women.

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