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The power of small: tips from our Time to Talk event

Sharing great tips with you from all the feedback we gathered at our Time to Talk event this year

An image showing two circle with the words 'How to start conversations about mental health' and 'How to be a better listener when someone is talking about their mental health

Thank you to everyone who attended our online Time to Talk event last week on 4 February 2021 where we discussed the Power of Small: why mental health conversations are important, how we can start them and how we can listen better.

Our participants had lots of conversations and discussions  in the breakout rooms and we are very grateful for the tips and knowledge they shared.  We have summarised it here, please download and share with as many other people as possible.  By starting more mental health conversations, we can break down barriers and shame and remove stigma.  

You don’t need to be an expert to talk about mental health – the most important skill is listening and being able to do so non-judgmentally.  No expert knowledge is required – just a willingness to be open and approachable about positive change.

There are lots of ways to talk about mental health with Mind in Harrow.