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Workplace Training

We’re passionate about mental health and wellbeing, we offer a range of training options to develop the skills of your team to support mental wellbeing and resilience in the workplace.

Our workplace training provides a cost-effective way to boost and promote employee mental health and well-being, challenge stigma and discrimination and support professional development.

We offer in-person training in your workplace and virtual options, from 5- 20 people. If you’d like to train more people, we can talk about your training needs.

Our prices are competitive with subsidised rates for statutory organisations and registered charities.

Our current training offer includes:

Mental health awareness – raising awareness & understanding of mental health difficulties and providing an understanding of the different types of mental health illness.

Mental health conversations workshop – supporting people interested in learning more about having important mental health discussions in the workplace.

Workplace well-being -introduction to looking after your mental health and maintaining well-being in the workplace. Managing burnout and how to promote a positive work-life balance and where we can go for support.

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace – For line managers who are keen to support staff wellbeing at work. This course will help you to recognise when a staff member may need support and what you can do to support them.

Resilience for managers – supporting managers to improve their mental health and wellbeing so they can build workplace resilience as well as the resilience of anyone they work with.


Please get in touch with us to find out more.