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The difference your donation makes

How we put your money to good use.




As your local mental health charity we have to raise all our own funds to keep our services free and accessible to all local young people and adults who need our support. Here are some examples of the difference your support can make.


can put our Understanding Mental Health Guide into 10 GP surgeries helping people to take the first crucial step of asking their doctor for help.


can provide Mind information booklets to 30 people – to better understand their symptoms and the support available - often for the first time in their lives.


can help pay for a wellbeing session in a local school – to improve pupils’ emotional resilience.


can support 16 people experiencing anxiety or depression through one of our specialist workshops. For many, it will be their first human contact for days.


can give 100 local people crisis support, information and reassurance through our Mental Health Information Helpline.


helps fund a programme of mental health workshops helping over 100 local people take their first significant step to mental health recovery.


helps support our Mental Health Directory for a year. Used by thousands, this award-winning service provides factsheets and up to date information about local mental health services – helping local people find the help they need.

Mind in Harrow facts

  • 7,000 people use our services every year
  • 94% of users recommend our services
  • Winner of 5 national awards in recent years, Mind in Harrow’s services have won critical acclaim from Comic Relief, ACAS and the Department of Health.