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Mental health awareness at work

Gain knowledge to manage your own mental wellbeing and those of others.


This course will equip delegates with an awareness and understanding of their own mental health. It will also help them understand common mental health issues and provide them with knowledge to manage their own mental wellbeing and those of others.

Aims of the course

  • To increase and improve understanding and awareness of mental health
  • To help delegates understand the causes of mental health problems
  • To recognise signs and symptoms of common mental health issues (such as depression and anxiety) and the way it may affect members of staff in the workplace
  • To provide knowledge to effectively manage one’s own mental wellbeing
  • To provide knowledge to support others

Course content

  • What is mental health vs. mental illness?
  • Factors that influence mental health (including workplace triggers)
  • Common mental health issues (focusing on depression and anxiety, links to stress)
  • How to spot the signs and symptoms of mental health problems
  • Manage your own mental wellbeing in the workplace
  • Supporting staff, colleagues and team members – guidance and tips

Training Delivery

Training is delivered interactively with practical exercises, participation from delegates and opportunity for questions and discussion.  As Mind in Harrow we are a specialist provider which ensures that knowledge provided is well-evidenced and relevant.

This workshop is developed for a full day or half-day session, depending on the number of delegates and training requirements of your team.  When safe to do so, it is delivered in-person, otherwise via Zoom or Teams or a platform of your choice.   We can also tailor the content and duration to fit your training needs.

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