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LGBT+ & mental health

6% of the population are LGBT+ and experience higher rates of mental health problems.

“I seldom had a good relationship with health centre staff, GPs and nurses. It never occurs to many of them to ask about gender and sexuality so that they can factor this in when dealing with healthcare needs.” – Jo, service user

Mind in Harrow is committed to improving access for LGBT+ communities to mental health support, either through our own services or campaigning and working with others. We welcome and encourage LGBT+ people to join our services.


LGBT+ people said they’ve experienced depression in the last year

1 in 8

LGBT+ people aged 18-24 said they’ve attempted to take their own life in the last year


trans people (46 per cent) thought about taking their own life in the last year

Poorer mental health

of LGBT+ people can be attributed to a range of factors such as discrimination, isolation and homophobia

LGBT+ people

face widespread discrimination in healthcare settings

1 in 7

LGBT+ people avoid seeking healthcare for fear of discrimination from staff