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Moving to adult services

A guide on what to expect when moving from child to adult mental health services.

Moving from children’s mental health services, to adult mental health services, sometimes called ‘transitioning services’, can feel like a really worrying and uncertain time. You might find that some of the language used or the schedule of sessions is different, or that the type of therapy available to you might change. This page can help you to find out more information on moving to adult services.

How are adult services different?

Every mental health service is slightly different but some people find that adult mental health services can be quite different from child mental health services.

You might find:

  • the relationship with your mental health team is different.
  • you receive more or less support than before.
  • there are different support and treatment options.
  • you’re in groups with adults a lot older than you.
  • adult services might speak to your family and caregivers less than in child services. If you still want your family to be involved, you should make this clear.
  • adult services might focus more on your diagnosis.

The difference can sometimes feel overwhelming, but we’re here to answer some of your questions about this transition period, and offer you information on how you can get support, whether you are over, or under 18.

Ask a Therapist with Asal and Marissa, Harrow Talking Therapies

Asal and Marissa Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners at Harrow Talking Therapies (17+), answer questions from our young volunteers.


Want to know more about Harrow Talking Therapies?

Download this factsheet to find out about what to expect from:

  • an initial assessment
  • the types of therapy available
  • confidentiality
  • difficulties Harrow Talking Therapies can support you with

Harrow Talking Therapies information sheet


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions, suggested by our team of young volunteers, many of whom have had their own lived experience of transitioning to adult services:

Transition FAQs from young people