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About HeadsUp

HeadsUp is a partnership between four local charities in Harrow to provide specialist mental health service to young people in Harrow. This service is provided by the Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre, Paiwand, the Centre for ADHD and Autism Support and The WISH Centre.

Who our service is for

Emotional Wellbeing workshops: Harrow residents/attending school in Harrow aged 11 – 25

1-1 / Group sessions: Harrow residents/attending school in Harrow

Aged 11 – 25 from the LGBT or refugee communities or those with a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis of ADHD and Autism.

What the service offers

The partnership service provides peer-run emotional wellbeing workshops for all young people and specialist one-to-one or group sessions tailored for young people from the LGBT+ community, young people from refugee and asylum seeking families, young people with a diagnosis/suspected diagnosis of ADHD or Autism and young people who self-harm or have experience of sexual exploitation, abuse or neglect. Aims are; to improve mental health coping strategies, self-esteem, self-image, resilience and sense of belonging; and to reduce isolation and symptoms of trauma including anxiety and stress.

Our service does not offer

Case support for homelessness or other welfare benefits, specialist substance misuse interventions, financial advice, legal advice or employment casework but we can provide information about where to find this help.

How to use the referral form

Please ensure the ‘Client consent for referral’ box is ticked before sending to the service.

For referrals as a general enquiry, please send the referral form to Mind in Harrow:

Email: info@mindinharrow.org.uk

Mind in Harrow,
First Floor,
132 – 134 College Rd,

Tel: 020 8426 0929

You can also refer directly to one of our specialist services. Their contact details are provided below:

Centre for ADHD & Autism Support
Email: enquiries@adhdandautism.org Tel: 020 8429 1552

Email info@mosaicyouth.org.uk Tel: 0800 161 5428

Email: info@paiwand.com Tel: 020 8905 8770

The WISH Centre
Email:info@thewishcentre.org.uk Tel: 020 8416 7277

How we process the information you provide

Mind in Harrow is the Joint Data Controller with our service partner organisations, which means we are jointly responsible for processing your personal information in electronic or paper formats, as appropriate to provide a service to you.

We take your privacy seriously and promise to never sell your data. You can find out more about your rights, how we use your personal information and how we keep your details safe and secure by reading our Privacy Statement. If you are concerned about the confidentiality of your personal information, please contact us by phone on 020 8426 0929 or email info@mindinharrow.org.uk.

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