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How can we support teachers and professionals?

Struggling to support both the wellbeing of yourselves and your young people during the pandemic?

We know there is a lot of information out there, and that you want to do the best you can to support the young people around you.

To support you during these unprecedented times, we have teamed up with Harrow Talking Therapies to deliver a series of online training sessions, specifically tailored to teachers and professionals working with young people, to help you help them.

Wellbeing webinars with Harrow Talking Therapies

This series of webinars introduces a number of common difficulties, the sign to look out for, and strategies to use to combat them. Each webinar is delivered by one of our partner organsations; Paiwand, the Centre for ADHD and Autism Support, The Wish Centre and Mosaic LGBT Young Persons’ Trust, as well as guest contributions from the Educational Psychology Service. Watch the full playlist.

Playlist contents:

1. Low mood with Paiwand

2. Stress with Lynne Babbington from the Educational Psychology Service

3. Sleep with the Centre for ADHD and Autism

4. Anxiety with the Wish Centre

5. Self-care with Mosaic LGBT Young Persons’ Trust

6. Bursting the Anxiety Bubble with Thomas Brosnan MBACP, FDAP