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                Heads Up Project Co-ordinator:  Emily Lewis                    Phone: 02085157853 email: [email protected]

HeadsUp is a new specialist young people’s mental health service provided by five local organisations; Mind in Harrow, Centre for ADHD and Autism Support, the Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre, Paiwand and the WISH Centre.

Who is the service for?

HeadsUp is a free and confidential service for young people aged 13-25 in Harrow. The service aims to support young people in Harrow to improve their mental health, resilience and to build their self-esteem.

Coronavirus - Service Update March 2020

Mind in Harrow: External workshops and assemblies are to be cancelled until further notice. We are continuing to take referrals for the HeadsUp project. Our SWISH (Support & Wellbeing Information Service Harrow) is continuing to operate on 020 8426 0929.

WISH: The WISH Centre are continuing with their vital support services for young people. Many of the face to face services will be digital and WISH will be checking with each young person to ensure the service remains accessible to all. WISH are accepting new referrals, as the evidence base shows the importance of connection and support during social distancing and quarantine. Outreach contact will be made with the referrer and young person via phone, text and email to discuss and agree which of the WISH services are best suited, and to ensure they can access. Peer groups are being held at the same times using Whatsapp. One-to-one therapy is accessible via phone or video call. There is also the option for young people to put their sessions on hold until later in the year.  Centre are continuing with our vital support services for young people during this difficult time. Many of our face to face services will be digital and we will be checking with each young person to ensure our service remains accessible to all.

Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre: Off-site visits will be cancelled but Mosaic will continue to provide support to young persons on the phone. 

Centre for ADHD and Autism (CAAS): CAAS will continue to provide individual support remotely, via phone, email or Skype. CAAS are also supporting families digitally. They are still accepting new referrals. 

Paiwand: Paiwand are developing sessions that can take place online via skype or telephone. Paiwand are still accepting new referrals and will conduct assessments over the phone.

What do we offer?

The service provides peer-led mental wellbeing workshops and specialist one-to-one and group sessions tailored for young people from the LGBT+ community, young people from refugee and asylum seeking families and those with a diagnosis/suspected diagnosis of ADHD or Autism.   

Mind in Harrow provide peer-led mental wellbeing workshops to 13-25 year olds in schools, colleges and youth services. These workshops will support young people to learn coping strategies, helping them look after their mental health and build emotional resilience.

The Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre support LGBT+ young people to build self-esteem and confidence through a mix of one-to-one sessions and weekly youth club sessions that provide a variety of workshops.

Centre for ADHD and Autism support provide a mix of one-to-one mentoring sessions, courses and groups to help young people with a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis of ADHD and/or autism build their resilience and learn mental health coping strategies.

Paiwand offers culturally tailored one-to-one and group therapeutic support to young people from refugees or asylum seeking families and unaccompanied minors to help them manage stress and build self-esteem and resilience.

The WISH Centre supports children and young people ages 11- 19 years who self-harm or have experience of sexual exploitation, abuse or neglect. We provide long term, open ended therapy both in schools and at our Centre, and have peer support groups, outreach and digital out of hours help. 

How do I access HeadsUp?

To refer to HeadsUp, for further information on referrals, service criteria and what we offer, please contact the Single Point of Access, Mind in Harrow:

Tel 020 8515 7853 Email [email protected] 

Download our referral form here

If you would prefer to contact one of our specialist services directly, their contact details are provided below:

Centre for Autism & ADHD Tel: 020 8429 1552                                                  [email protected]

Mosaic Youth Centre Tel: 0800 161 5428 [email protected]

Paiwand Tel 020 8905 8770 [email protected]