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SWiSH Success Stories

Names have been changed to preserve service users' anonymity.

Supporting those caring for loved ones

How SWiSH was asked to help

Nicole, a 40 year old female called SWiSH for support around caring for her son with Schizophrenia. She was concerned about her son’s current mental state, which was having an impact on her own wellbeing. Her son needed a review of his medication and wanted to discuss how she could get support for him. 

The difference we made

An appointment was made with our information worker and Information was provided on how she could access support for her son. Nicole also discussed the daily challenges she was facing in her caring role. 

After her meeting, Nicole was able to use the information given by SWiSH to make contact with mental health professionals and arrange an appointment for her son.

It was helpful to share concerns with someone other than family members

I felt supported, which helped to ease the pressure

Empowering others to take control

How SWiSH was asked to help

Omar, a 58 year old man suffering from depression who contacted SWiSH after his ESA was unexpectedly stopped. 

The difference we made

An appointment was arranged with our information worker, who supported Omar to make phone calls to enquire about the reason for this. He was informed it was due to him missing a health assessment, which was re-arranged for him and his ESA reinstated. SWiSH enabled Omar to investigate and address this issue which he was unsure of how to address prior to contacting us.

I was shown how to find out what was happening with my money as it is my only source of income

Helping those with nowhere else to turn

How SWiSH was asked to help

John, a 30 year old man suffering from ADHD and due to difficulty in his family relationships, was made unexpectedly homeless. He contacted SWiSH for information and support during this difficult period. 

The difference we made

SWiSH provided him with all relevant contact numbers for the council housing services, advice lines and drop in services. With permission, calls were made to mental health services to aid the collection of supporting evidence for his mental health condition. This enabled him to prove he was a priority need and allocated him mental health supported accommodation.

I had support during a very difficult time when I felt let down by others

Supporting those in crisis

How SWiSH was asked to help

Ade, a 45 year old man contacted SWiSH as he was feeling low in mood, and having thoughts of suicide. He had been trying to get in contact with the mental health services but was not having any success due to being discharged. 

The difference we made

SWiSH asked if he wanted us to make contact with professionals on this behalf, which he agreed. Calls were made to the Single Point of Access at the local mental health service to alert them of the concerns surrounding his mental state. This enabled Ade to be assessed and to receive the appropriate medical intervention that he required at a very difficult time.

Developing core skills

How SWiSH was asked to help

Fatima, a 25 year old woman suffering from anxiety and depression was referred to SWiSH for information about programmes that can enable her to find work and maintain work. She previously had various jobs but was unable to sustain her employment in the long term. 

The difference we made

Details of tailored programme to develop employment skills for those suffering from mental health issues was explained to her and was referred. She was able to book an appointment with them and enrol on this programme to develop his employment skills.

I was able to get the support with work that I had been searching for a long time.

Reaching out to the isolated

How SWiSH was asked to help

Ken, a 59 year old man suffering from Depression and Personality Disorder was referred to SWiSH by his support worker, as he was socially isolated. 

The difference we made

The Befriending service was explained to him and he felt that he would benefit from someone to talk to once a week. He was explained that he would need a personal budget to access this service, so he was supported to call his social worker, who confirmed that she would be able to process this for him to allow him to purchase a befriender.

I don’t like to go out much, but I would like to have someone to talk to regularly

Promoting wellbeing

How SWiSH was asked to help

Lucas, a 35 year old man, had never experienced any mental health problem before but due to experiencing a stressful period whilst studying, caused him to lose contact with his friends. As a result he was experiencing low moods, tearful periods and difficult emotions. He had no contact with mental health services but wished to find out the counselling options available to him to explore these difficult emotions with someone. 

The difference we made

SWiSH provided Lucas with information on how to find a counsellor and counselling centres in Harrow.

It is helpful to know what services are available to me in Harrow